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KillerBeeGi Children's BJJ Gi

$95.00 $50.00

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We also offer BJJ gi’s in children’s sizes.

Note to parents. It may be tempting to use your child’s old Karate uniform as a replacement but in a few months, the karate gi will look like sheets left out to hang during a tornado. Karate uniforms are just not built to take the punishing damage that only children can inflict on their clothing. Start them off right with a bulletproof BJJ gi. Plus it looks a lot cooler.
We do not mix and match sizes for children’s sized gi’s. If you order a K1 top it will come with a K1 pair of gi pants.

  • New “KillerBeeGi” Weave pattern for the fabric. It’s tighter, stronger, and more durable.
  • More reinforcements. In addition to triple row stitching, we also use a surging technique to reinforce the primary seam running through the gi. This helps prevent fraying and separation of the seams.
  • Patches? What patches. Taking a cue from our customers we have eliminated all patches from the gi and are now only using embroidery.  This will last longer and allows the BJJ student to place their own artwork on the gi.
  • Additional gi strap loops with triple row stitching applied to each end.
  • Smaller cuff openings for the pants and the gi tops.
  • These gi’s don’t bleed.
  • Like our older gi’s we still feature some of the primary attributes of that line.
  • Rubber foam inserts in the collar to prevent mat stink.
  • Standard reinforcements in the pants and gi top.
  • Gi top is constructed from a single piece of fabric.
  • Easy return policy. NO HASSLES. Really.

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 12 in

Black, Blue, White


K1, K2, K3

2 reviews for KillerBeeGi Children’s BJJ Gi

  1. Grant, Maddox and Katie

    So far I have purchased two of them, one for my son and the other for a friends daughter, they both love them. They washed and fit perfect from day one and just like great piece of clothing they just get softer and more comfortable as they wear them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend someone to order from Killer Bee and I will definitely order again.

  2. Selmar, Matis & Elian

    My son (7y) bothered me about a new gi : “a black one plz dad !”.
    I found a few excellent reviews of your products on the internet, so i decided to purchase one.
    The post travel from Charlottesville (USA) to Bordeaux (FRANCE) took 10 days, which seems quite good to me.
    First impression, Matis is really really happy about the feel and look !
    He hasn’t tried it in training/combat yet, so i might write more about it later.
    The only “grief” i might formulate is the lack of correct visuals/photos on the website. It was almost a blind purchase, because it was impossible to know what secondary colour is used for the gi. We have one photo with Sally where the logos are red on the black gi, but we were hoping on yellow… and we got…. yellow !!!
    So that ended up well, but it felt a bit like a lottery 🙂
    Put up some more visuals, and i might become a fidel customer.
    I have another son in ambush (4y), grey belt, starting to ask for one too, and they will outgrow their gi’s quickly anyway.
    In conclusion : so far so good 🙂
    I will change my rating to 5 stars for next purchases if we get more representative visuals on your website.

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