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KillerBeeGi Hybrid Weave BJJ Belts

KillerBeeGi hybrid weave belts stay tied longer on the mat and very durable.




24 / 100

Killer Bee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos now also offers a new line of BJJ belts made from the same material as our Ligustica MK II gi’s. These gi belts are heavy-duty yet very pliable. Once tied they are less likely to come untied because of the texture of the belt.



Size Length In Inches
A0 90″
A1 100″
A2 109″
A3 119″
A4 124″
A5 129″
A6 135″
A7 141″





Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 1 × 12 × 1 in

Black, Blue, Brown, Purple, White


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6

38 reviews for KillerBeeGi Hybrid Weave BJJ Belts

  1. S. Maturin

    These belts are really great. I like the weave as it is different from what I have seen before. It does stay tied most of the time. Does fade a little in the wash but still looks nice. Will buy again on my next promotion.

  2. Brandon Rager

    The belt is unique and a pleasure to wear. The gi material makes this belt stay tied for an extremely long time. It was a tad longer than I like, but a hot wash fixed that with no issues. I only purchased a little larger to make sure it fit well being it was made from gi material.

    I love the fact that I have the most unique belt in the gym. I also commend killerbee for sticking with a darker blue for a much more authentic look than a light blue variation.

    Fade is bound to happen with this belt. Personally, I don’t mind the fade because it is consistent with me putting my hours in on the mat, but it is something to consider for those who like a more conistent color throughout your years of training.

    The belt is a heavier weight, but does not feel like you’re wearing a chain around your waist. It is thick and durable yet very comfortable. The stitching is very secure and the rank bar feels solid. The only issue I had was the lack of a product tag found on most other brands, however, that point is negligible and doesn’t impact the quality. The size tag had maybe one stitch in it so I imagine it will be the first thing to go on this belt, but again, that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I highly recommend this belt for looks alone, but the look is outclassed by its performance on the mat. Despite any points that may seem like a negative, I think I may have found my go to company for belts. Awesome job!

  3. Merle

    Purchased this belt thinking that how different could it really be from all the others. First and foremost I to day that customer is GREAT! Jesse made sure that all went well with the transaction and was very prompt in responding to any questions. Enter the package….opening the box I was impressed that the belt wasn’t just thrown in the box and came in a nice plastic zip bag…you could use this bag do other things it’s sturdy enough. The belt was soft yet rigid without a ton of stiffness. I tied the belt into the knots I use and found that belt ties very easy. Once tied the belt had a natural hang…looks very good!!! After training in the belt that hang gets even better. Thru the training session the belt never came untied…loose but not untied. After drills and rolling it still looked good holding place. The logos is nice and not overbearing…pretty cool actually. Also I found this material is very comfortable, allowed me to move around without feeling that knot in my stomach. I will definitely order again once ready for the next level. Once the finances free up some I’ll be ordering a gi from Killer Bee. A little pricey the belt was I thought but once you have it and tie it and trAin with it….VERY well worth the price I think! You’ll be very happy with it I’m sure:)))



  4. Ratling

    Bought this belt (Purple, A2) and right out of the packaging it wasn’t super stiff like most new belts. I really like how it hangs once tied around the waist, and the knot is also much tighter then my old belt. The color is pretty dark too which I prefer over the almost pink, purple belts that some companies sell.

  5. Anonymous

    I just received this belt tonight and it’s an excellent belt that far-surpasses any ordinary belt you might order from any other BJJ gear company in quality, etc. Quite simply the best I own in that regard. However, the description is for 110″ for an A2. I was expecting this belt to be very long on me unless I washed/dryed it in heat. I was expecting to shrink it down with the hope that it wouldn’t lose too much color during that process of shortening it using the dryer. Now, I’m actually happy that it’s not 110″ because I fit best in an A2 belt 4 or 5 inches shorter but I want to be clear… the A2 belt I received is about 104″ out of the plastic wrap, roughly and inch shorter than the same length as my current belt that started at 110″ before it shrank in the dryer. That’s great for me because I’m pretty thin and now I don’t need to shrink it in the dryer or worry about it losing color, but it might not please some people on the outer-rim of the weight-spectrum for an A2. In short….great belt, great product and no disrespect because it’s beyond excellent in quality regardless, but please list this belt at 104″ (A2 unwashed) in the future for those other nit-picking gear-freaks like me that might otherwise need a size-up if they want to wash this thing and not have it shrink in the future.


  6. Larry B

    purchased this belt after being promoted to blue because i wasn’t thrilled with the light blue & somewhat cheap feeling one i received. i’m absolutely thrilled with the look, feel and durability of this belt. re-tying time and time again is no longer needed – this belt stays knotted, and i’ve also received a ton of compliments on the vivid color. killer bee will certainly have my business again in the future!

  7. Kelly Jewell

    This is absolutely the best belt that I have had the pleasure to roll in. I have had trouble with belts comming untied and this wasn’t an issue with this belt. I am a size A3 and I went with an A4 due to shrinkage which was explained on Killer Bee’s website. The belt just has a nice soft feeling which just gets better as it wears in, not too thick or stiff and hangs nicely.
    Excellent quality and I have had plenty of comments about this awesome product.

  8. Anonymous

    I am very pleased with the weave of this belt. After checking out reviews of this and other belts I decided to go with this belt for the expectation that it will stay tied longer because of the weave. I’ve found this to be accurate. For the most part it stays tied longer than my other traditional belt.
    As for length I went up a size because of the estimate of potential shrinking post wash. I found the estimate to be accurate and was glad I chose to go up a size. Post wash my A2 belt measures at 105. So far it hasn’t shrunk since the initial warm wash. I wash my belt regularly so this was a concern. Note that if you don’t plan to dry this belt in a dryer it will take longer than a traditional belt to air dry. I’ve had it take overnight and longer to be dry to the touch. I can’t comment on fading or color fastness because I have the white belt.

    Overall very happy with my purchase.

  9. Scott “Bo” Boshardt

    …my new purple belt arrived, I have been wearing it for 2 weeks. I sized up – per the directions – and it shrunk down per the estimate listed. I am normally a A3, and brought a A4, wash, dry, 100% right. Personally I like a wider belt, but with the unique material, cool Killer Bee logo, and it gets tied AND stays tied = me happy. My fellow students like it too. Customer service is above and beyond. I expect it to wear right. I will buy more gear in the future from Killer Bee. No doubt.

  10. Anonymous

    Followed the directions and it shrunk beautifully. This belt likes to stay tied and it always feels nice and secure when tied correctly. This belt also produces very good looking and sturdy knots. I absolutely love the belt and the bignorant perfect knots it produces, all while being very functional. Also the material of the belt is thick and strong, so far I can tell the durability just by feel and even with intensive rolling it holds absolute.

  11. MC

    I recently purchased a Purple Belt and it is the nicest Belt I have ever had! It’s coloring and stitching are perfect and the Belt itself holds up very nicely. One of my training partners told me when he saw this Belt that it was a Donatello Purple, so if anyone out there besides myself love BJJ and TMNT then you guys need to purchase these Belts!

  12. Nate

    When I was a white belt, I used a scramble. It was nice, but a little slick and when rolling would come undone. It was also a little to thick. When I got my blue belt I wanted something a little sturdier. This killer Bee belt is the nicest belt I have ever owned. It looks really sharp, I have never seen a belt made out of gi material. I will be purchasing one for my wife when she gets her blue belt I have been wearing it for about 5 months now, and it looks just as good now as it did the day I bought it.

  13. Steven Wilkerson

    My first impression was “wow!” This belt looks like you could use it as a tow rope! Wider and thicker than my old standard belt. I also love that the ranking sleeve is fully sewn, and not just end stitched. I washed it and dried it with very little shrinkage, then I wore it to class. This thing DID NOT come untied! I love it and will buy another when the time comes.

  14. Dayton

    I just purchased this belt, and i’m amazed. It is such a high quality belt that is comfortable, looks good, and most importantly, STAYS TIED. During my rolling it never comes undone, and the knots stay tight. Definitely recommend it.

  15. Paul

    I just put this belt into a superlock knot for tonight’s class and it didn’t come untied once. Not during warm ups, not during drills, not even during an hour of rolling.

    I ordered the same size as my gi and the sizing is perfect– even after washing it several times. Plus it’s tough as rocks and looks awesome to boot.

  16. Derek M

    Does what I hoped it would, which is to stay tied for an entire class. I ordered an A4 and it measured 129″ unwashed. The Padilla & Sons belt I had been using measured 122″ (after being washed). After two wash/dry cycles on hot/high the Killer Bee belt is now at 125″ which works for me.

  17. Nate

    I bought my first killerbee belt when I got promoted to blue. If I had know how well made it was, I would have bought one much sooner. My white belt was a CTRL and while nice, was no where near the quality. I bought my wife a scramble belt, and even after a year it’s still much to ridged. I love these belts so much, I bought one for my friend when he was promoted to purple, and another one as a gift for a new blue belt at my gym. While these belts are a bit pricey, your going to be wearing them for a few years. Spend the money and get an awsome belt!

  18. Kimberly S

    I am in love with this belt. It was tied exactly once before class began and never came undone and I even got compliments on the texture and endurance of the knot.
    All in all, a gorgeous belt that lives up to these outstanding reviews.
    I ordered the same size as my gi, and I am happy with the fit.


  19. jay

    My first KillerBee Belt was Blue. I’ve gotten tons of questions (what brand is that? where’d you get it? etc); comments and compliments. Same thing happened when I got my KillerBee Purple.
    The thing about these belts is that after a few washings, the belt turns soft and blends in with my gi, and yet it still stands out somehow and makes people take notice.
    Just got my KB Brown belt the other day and noticed it is not as soft as my Purple, but that will change with time.
    While rolling the other day, I was about to Pass in Reverse Half Guard, when I noticed my partner underneath had a KillerBee Blue belt, and as I was admiring his belt and remembered it was me who recommended it, he SWEPT ME. Damn distracting these KillerBee Belts!

  20. Thomas Callahan

    Awesome material and comfortable. Stays tied.

  21. Anonymous

    The belt itself is great quality, looks good and does stay tied really well. My only issue is the brown belt I received looks as if it almost has a purple tint to it to the point people in the gym were asking if it was brown or dark purple. Websites pictures were a little misleading. Might just be me being picky, but is what it is. Other than that, good belt.

  22. Anonymous

    The belt is well made and it’s easy to see and feel the difference between it, and my basic (93 brand) white belt. I like the shade of blue and in different light conditions the shade of blue changes. I will definitely buy another premium belt, and maybe a gi to go with it.

  23. Trocme Serge

    I buy an A3 size white belt from killer bee.
    Size is definitely bigger then supposed even after washing at 90 and tumble dryer it mesure 313cm long (123inch) too long for me. I will need to cut it.
    Except this it look nice

  24. Ehren David

    I’ve trained for seven years or so and this Killer Bee belt is the best I’ve owned. After seven or eight months it’s clear these belts are well made while still being great looking, as a bonus they stay tied.

    In class and at seminars people always ask me where I found my Killer Bee belt, telling me how impressed they are by how well made this belt is.

    As the thing I wear every time I walk into the mat a belt should be well made instead of an afterthought. I’m done with mediocre jiu-jitsu gear and my belts will be Killer Bee from now on.

  25. Caliducas

    My new A2 KillerBeeGi blue belt is beautiful and a bit narrower than other belts. which I really like! It seems sturdy and durable, so I will not hesitate to buy a purple one when the time comes. 🙂

  26. Sally

    I love the gi weave belts! I’ve had this belt for purple, brown and now that I’m on my way to black, I’ve ordered a new one in anticipation. The color does fade over time and I have been asked what color my belt is during my time as brown belt but it ties well and is the perfect thickness. Definitely recommend.

  27. Lucas Moeller

    Always stand by their work and I have used them for every belt I have owned so far (currently brown). Great quality materials and the colors hold up well. Also the belt stays tied!!!

  28. Darren

    When I hit Purple belt, I wanted the best belt I could find. I ordered a few belts, some of them hand made and close to $100, as well as a Killer Bee belt. After a year, those other belts are pretty, but I absolutely hate them as they come untied constantly. They will remain on a shelf in my closet. Killer Bee’s refuses to budge once it’s tied. I absolutely love it. Do yourself a favor and get a Killer Bee belt from the get go. Forget the others.

  29. Char

    I’ve bought both my blue and purple belts from killerbee and I LOVE them. The woven belt stays tied better for me, than the normal cotton belts. I’ll keep buying them until he gets tired of selling them.

  30. Jason

    I love everything about this belt except the sizing. Unfortunately, the A2 is too small at 108″ (I have another brand belt that is an A3 at 116″ and way too long), and I see that Killer Bee’s A3 belt, at 119″, will be too long. My fault for thinking I could fit the A2. Again, great belt in every way, just not sized for my 33′ waist.

  31. Claire

    I’m a 5’4″ female that weighs around 130 lbs. I ordered an A2 in the purple to replace the competition light one I received during my belt promotion. The belt was a little long fresh out of the bag, but after two washes in hot water, it shrank a subtle amount and fits a little better. It is not the darkest or most rich in color, but still a good, solid lighter purple.

    One thing I really love about this belt so far is its ability to stay tied. There is a rigorous conditioning warmup one of my professors love to do, and it stayed throughout the workout, which involved sprawls and a lot of hip movement. It takes a couple of hard rolls for this thing to finally come untied. Thank you for a great belt, Killer Bee!

  32. Jon

    I ordered a few other companies gi material belts and they all were too wide and all double the thickness of regular cotton belts. Then a guy at my gym recommended this company. I’m glad I ordered one because this belt is perfect. I cannot think of one thing wrong with this belt. I plan on purchasing other belts when the time comes. Kudos on such an awesome belt.

  33. Fernando

    I liked it a lot, I just recieved it and used it once but I can tell already I’m satisfied.

  34. Steven Wilkerson

    This is the second belt that I’ve bought from Killer Bee. The first was my white belt. The blue belt is a little narrower than I prefer, but it is still built like a tank! I HIGHLY recommend these belts of you want a belt that stays tied and is durable enough to stay the course. I plan on ALL of my belts being from Killer Bee.

  35. Big papa

    I love these belts. I was a blue belt for 4 years and the killer bee belt was awesome. I’m giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 because I was just promoted to purple belt so without hesitation I purchased a purple killer bee belt. But it seems over the 4 years since I bought my blue belt the design has changed. The belt is about 1/4 more narrow now then before and after I shrink it I’m afraid it might be like tieing a string around my waist.

  36. Robert

    I have used these belts for 7 years and they do not break down too fast and stay tied most of the time during rolling sessions.

  37. Mariah

    I bought this belt because the one I had initially bought from a different company wouldn’t stay tied, even after 6 months. My new belt stayed tied the first day!

  38. Sean

    Exactly what I ordered, really great quality belt. I will be ordering all my belts from killer bee.

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