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1 Custom BJJ Gi Jacket With Fully Customizable Dimensional Options


In stock

Select the color you would like.

Select the color of the jacket.

Select the fabric for the Jacket. For Olive Drab, Navy, Grey, and Pink we only have one fabric available (Pearl Weave) so please choose that.

These are the highlights on the gi on the inside cuffs, vent piping pants, and jacket.

Also known as contrast stitching. This is the stitching that holds the gi together.

If you would like the Killer Bee Logo branding please click the color you would like. Or select No Logos.

Please look at the size chart for reference for what and how to measure.

Sleeve length as measured from left to right.

As measured from the BOTTOM of the collar, down to the skirt end.

As measured from left to right from under the armpit to the other side.

How wide the sleeve will be at the shoulder as measured from top to bottom.

As measure at the cuff from the top to bottom. Usually, it is tapered down a bit when compared to the shoulder width.

This is the slit at the base of the jacket on either side. Measure from top to bottom.

Usually, this is the same as the chest measurement.

Because this is a unique custom order, I UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT, that I am responsible for the fit of the gi from the dimensions I have provided.

I also UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT, that our general delivery guideline is about 15 business days or less from the date of the order. Delivery times around the winter holidays may also affect the delivery date for which KillerBeeGi does not have any control over.


67 / 100

We now offer you the ability to fully customize your BJJ gi using up to 16-dimensional gi sizing options. This is a great option for those BJJ athletes who want to re-create their favorite gi sizing and look. Our custom BJJ gi is an affordable option for a true fit.

Steps Involved:

  1. Layout your existing gi on a flat surface and with a tailor’s measuring tape and record all of the dimensions listed on our size chart page. Size Chart
  2. Add 5% extra to those numbers to account for shrinking of the cotton fabric for Blue/White/Black/Grey/Navy gi’s. For Olive Drab, add 8%. (For example: If your desired measurement were 50 then multiply 50 x 1.05)
  3. Enter those values into the product page form.
  4. Choose colors and fabric for the top and pants.
  5. Complete your order.
  6. We will follow up with you once we review the order with any questions.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

You can read a review of our gi here from Meerkatsu. READ HERE


Additional information

Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 in


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